Celebrating 50 years of the Southern Cross Rally

Vehicle Eligibility | Apparel | Licence Requirements

The organisers are aware that many potential competitors will not want to run fully repared rally cars. Vehicles will be generally limited to 2wd non turbo models; other entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers taking into account the historical significance of car or crew.

Modifications of all types are permitted but the car must be registered (or have a historic/rally permit) and be road legal. Engine and chassis numbers must agree with the certificate of registration (or permit).

All vehicles must comply with the requirements of Schedule R of the current CAMS manual, the Touring Road Event Regulations and the Conditions of Rallying for both Victoria and NSW.

No roll over protection is required.

Crash helmets meeting CAMS requirements and wrist to ankle to neck clothing will be required for speed events and closed road stages.

A CAMS 2S or 2NS or higher (for navigators) will be required.

The Southern Cross Gold Anniversary Rally will be a closed to club event. Participants must be members of either the Historic Rally Association Inc in Victoria or the Historic Rally Club of NSW and ACT Inc in NSW.

Southern Cross Gold Anniversary Rally

November 8 - 19, 2016